Kilimanjaro Day 7 Horombo Camp to the Marangu Gate

And so we reach the end of our adventure. It's been an amazing week and I don't want it to end. After breakfast the whole of our team gathers for the tipping ceremony. These men and women have been unbelievable taking care of us during the last week and they deserve every cent and more.… Continue reading Kilimanjaro Day 7 Horombo Camp to the Marangu Gate

Kilimanjaro Day 6 Summit Night

I wake just before 11pm to the sounds of the camp outside. As I move to start pulling on every layer of clothing I have over my thermals it becomes clear that the tent is collapsing in on me. Outside my porter shakes the thick snow, which has fallen whilst we slept, from the tent.… Continue reading Kilimanjaro Day 6 Summit Night

Kilimanjaro Day 5 Mawenzi Tarn to Kibo Huts

Our tent is frozen when I wake. Another incredible sunrise but I am too cold to appreciate it. I move quickly to put on more layers before heading to the mess tent for breakfast. Tonight is the wedding night. We discuss over breakfast how in 24 hours we will have made the summit. Our walk… Continue reading Kilimanjaro Day 5 Mawenzi Tarn to Kibo Huts

Kilimanjaro Day 4 Kikelelwa Camp to Mawenzi Tarn

It was inevitable really, after days of feeling strong, not a hint of altitude sickness, today I wake feeling terrible. But I am distracted for a while by the sunrise above the clouds. Behind our tents, lit by the golden morning light against a pale blue sky is Kibo, the summit. In front of us… Continue reading Kilimanjaro Day 4 Kikelelwa Camp to Mawenzi Tarn

Kilimanjaro Day 3 Simba Camp to Kikelelwa Camp

I'm woken at 06:30 by a guide asking me if I would like a hot drink. Black coffee and sugar is promptly brought for me to enjoy in my sleeping bag. We enjoy our morning washy-washy bowl and a hot breakfast before starting the long day's walking. We continue along the path we took the… Continue reading Kilimanjaro Day 3 Simba Camp to Kikelelwa Camp

Kilimanjaro Day 2 Rongai Gate to Simba Camp

And so it begins. After months of preparation my bag is packed and loaded onto an old bus ready to drive to the Rongai gate and the start of our trek. After the briefing last night I feel confident, the nerves subsided and I'm eager to get started. We meet our guides and porters at… Continue reading Kilimanjaro Day 2 Rongai Gate to Simba Camp

Kilimanjaro Day 1 – Marangu

I've spent months thinking about this trip, planning for summit night, making sure I'm as prepared as I can be. But somewhere along the way I forgot to think about what Tanzania itself might be like. Touching down at Kilimanjaro International Airport I was grateful for the sun and the heat. This perpetual winter has… Continue reading Kilimanjaro Day 1 – Marangu