Greetings from up North

It’s been a while…

2017 ended in rather a flurry. In November my request to relocate to my firm’s Manchester office was approved so I spent most of December and January looking for a new place to live and organising our move.

Mr H and I have been planning to move back up north for a while, since moving down south in fact. Although I’ve enjoyed living in Hampshire it’s a long way from friends and family and my commute into London was long. But when it came to it everything happened really fast. And even now it doesn’t quite feel real.

Shortly after the approval came through a start date of mid-January was set and we had a deadline. Mr H gave notice to quit his job (and after a nervous couple of weeks got a job offer for a company close to our new home) and we gave notice to our landlord. With no house lined up and nothing coming up on the rental market I started to panic. So on the Saturday before Christmas we arranged a viewing of a cottage in a small hillside village just outside Hebden Bridge. It had been on the market for a while and perhaps with good reason – no shower, no off-street parking and a long walk to the nearest station. But it was a cottage with a fire place and a range and a decent amount of space so we decided to give it a go.

And so came our moving day – packing everything we own into a van to move 300 miles then returning to clean up the old house. I was exhausted but luckily we have the most amazing friends who helped us, even cooking us some homemade ready meals. Honestly when you have been cleaning carpets all day a pasta bake that you just have to heat up is the greatest food known to man (even if you do have to eat it off camping plates).And so after several months of planning, a week of moving and much stress and panicking we find ourselves in our new home in the hills.

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